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Baptism marks the beginning of a journey with God which continues for the rest of our lives, the first step in response to God’s love.


The Sacrament of Baptism: Gateway to New Life

The sacrament of Baptism not only gives us sanctifying grace: it also makes us adopted children of God and heirs of heaven.

Baptism is the one sacrament that all Christian denominations share in common. In the Catholic Church, infants are baptized to welcome them into the Catholic faith and to free them from the original sin they were born with. Baptism is the first holy sacrament followed by: Eucharist, Confirmation, Reconciliation, Anointing of the sick, Marriage and Holy Order.

Most Common Questions.

Many first time parents have questions about celebrating the Sacrament of Baptism. We hope your questions are answered here below.

When are Baptisms scheduled?

The Sacrament of Baptism is a wonderful opportunity for the Sacred Heart community to celebrate and welcome our newest members into the Body of Christ.

What is the role of the godparents?
What are the requirements to be a godparent?
How many godparents can (must) I have?
Do both godparents have to be Catholics?
How old should my infant child be to be baptized?
What if my child is no longer an infant?
Are there Baptismal preparation classes for parents?
Do both parents have to attend a Baptismal preparation class?
Can we prepare for the Baptismal preparation class?

Areas all of us struggle to trust God with likes and shares.

We are committed to Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the Great Commission.

Hidden But Seen

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